Every child has the fundamental right to dream big.

Not every child is currently given the opportunity to believe this and iStandAbove seeks to change this enormous disservice to the youth of the world.

Help us deliver sustainable programs to children across the world.

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Joining forces and bringing people together to create a sustainable impression on the world is what we first strive to achieve at iStandAbove and it starts with our first interaction with you.

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We not only have an inclination to connect with you but also to share the goodness and fulfillment of our experiences through our interactions and the programs we offer at iStandAbove.

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The growth of an individual is dependent on one's environment, network, self awareness, and the deliberate attainment of one's goals by leveraging resources. We are your resource.

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Caritas Naa Ayele Aryee

My name is Caritas Naa Ayele Aryee, and I am 25 years old and live in Accra, Ghana. I graduated from the Government Secretarial School. My name, “Caritas,” means to give, to love, and to show kindness to the less fortunate, and I like to think that these are actions and traits that describe me…. Read More »

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