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Head of Human Resources

Department: Human Resources
Location: Remote/Telecommute

Head of Human Resources

Staffing decisions are among the most important decisions that non-profit organizations make. Just as businesses and organizations of all sizes and areas of operation rely on their personnel to execute their strategies and advance their goals, so too does the iStandAbove Organization. The Head of Human Resources will report to the CEO and also work closely with our COO and Head of Programs on day-to-day matters. The Human Resources Department will attend to the challenges of establishing and maintaining a solid work force. The main priority of the Head of Human Resources is to address the following six personnel challenges:

  • Assessing personnel needs
  • Recruiting personnel
  • Screening personnel
  • Selecting and hiring personnel
  • Orienting new employees to the organization
  • Deciding compensation issues

The Head of Human Resources will be responsible for all HR functions including recruiting, on-boarding, employee relations, performance management, compensation, benefits, policies and procedures, and compliance.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure we are equipped to attract, retain and motivate a high quality, diverse workforce enabling us to carry out our mission and achieve our objectives
  • Promote an organizational culture that embraces our workplace values of leadership, teamwork, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, respect, support, effective communication, collaboration , accountability  and responsibility
  • Provide leadership in recruitment by generating high quality candidates and enhancing the talent pipeline
  • Ensure a smooth onboarding and orientation process so that new employees have a positive and beneficial starting experience
  • Proactively recommend and manage programs that will work towards improving employee retention ie. Compensation, benefits, employee engagement, training/learning opportunities
  • Provide support to our newer managers through coaching and training of our performance management and employee relations processes
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws and remain current with changes in employment law

Note: Currently, the Head of Human Resource position is unpaid and will require the individual to work a minimum of 15-20 hours per week with the expectation of effectively fulfilling the job description.

If interested in the opportunity, please send your resume and a short paragraph explaining who you are and why you are interested in the position to the email attached below.



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