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- August 5, 2013 -

Growth in 2010 (Year 2)

by iStandAbove

8am, Tuesday 28th December 2010 and the XPECT Leadership Program organized by the iStandAbove Organization has begun. With 36 students registered and led by their 10 industrious coaches, a chorus of team cheers fills the air competing to be the loudest and most creative marking the start of the program.

The two-day program exposed the students to a varied number of activities centered on creativity, leadership and teamwork; the three pillars of the iStandAbove organization. The students were guided by identifying their strengths, how those can be utilized in their daily lives and furthermore how pooling together the different strengths of a group’s members can lead to heighten productivity as was demonstrated by the different activities such as a mini amazing race and a 5-way tug of war. The students also took a trip to Trashy Bags, a social enterprise that collects discarded trash such as ice cream wrappers and water sachets to create bags from them. The students were taken through the acquisition, cleaning and manufacturing processes. Yet another highlight of the program was guest speaker Hon. Kwamina Bartels, who spoke to the students about making the right choices in life and how effective leadership will help in the development of the individuals and Ghana as a whole.

The 2nd annual XPECT Leadership Program was a success, illustrated by the students’ increased desire to reach for new heights. Our sponsors, to whom we owe our gratitude for making this program possible: Alsyd Academy, Ebenut Ghana Limited, Aboe Fashions, Aquatec limited, A. Hazak Enterprise, F & K Exports and Imports, Edmaco Trucking Limited and Metropolitan State College, Colorado, USA. WeStandAbove!

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