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- August 5, 2013 -

iStandAbove’s First 360 Mentoring Program

by iStandAbove

Saturday 26th of July marked the beginning of a new era where youth meets innovation! The iStandAbove partnered with two elite organizations, The iSpace Foundation and Start Smart to host its first 360 mentoring program complementing its annual Xpect Leadership Program.

The mission of the 360 Mentoring program is to keep the talent recruited from Xpect Leadership consistently engaged in developing their leadership, creativity and teamwork skills amidst becoming future leaders of tomorrow. The students are given the opportunity to use their creative minds to have an impact on the community in which they live through periodic projects and case studies over the course of the year. These sessions are meant to reinforce the values and traits they need to StandAbove every day!

15 JHS students, split into two groups, participated in a case study challenge to solve any problem in their community with the use of creativity, innovation and technology. The aim was for the students to begin to become acclimated to the new age of technology in our daily endeavors amidst developing their solution thinking skills while following iSA steps of solving a problem (Plan, Research, Act and Check).

The solutions designed include:

Solution 1: Students designed an application to educate farmers on how to protect their crops through the use of short videos and clips. In addition, their goal is to partner with a pesticide company which will give them proceeds for the app acting as a bridge or gateway to these farmers.

Solution 2: Students designed an application that educates people on a number of ways to keep the environment clean. In this instance, the plan is for the students to advertise the services and products of a sanitation company like Zoomlion on the application.

On this day the students were full of energy, able to have fun while brainstorming ways of creating a future impact on the community. The aim is to be in the position where the kids, with the right resources, actually build the application in the next year through a ‘Hack-a-Thon’ – (programmers sit for 24 hours in one room to build something). We are aiming to host the next 360 mentoring program the 25th of October. Stay tuned!

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