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- August 5, 2013 -

iStandAbove’s Propelled Program at Macalester College

by iStandAbove
iStandAbove’s Propelled Program at Macalester College

The Afrika Organization at Macalester College gave iStandAbove the honor by inviting Pichon Duplan to their annual Afrika! Week held from April 8th to April 12th to inspire the Macalester community to achieve their dreams through the Propelled Program. In addition, the week also highlighted the successful endeavors of invited guests through a panel session and networking dinner.

Afrika! week is an annual event that showcases Africa through the arts and academia. This year, Afrika! week focused on showcasing the progress and success youth has made on the continent. The theme this year was “Celebrating African Success: Youth on the Rise.”

The Afrika organization believes that one’s successful endeavors on the continent will be enlightening to the Macalester community and will inspire those who hope to engage in projects on the continent in the future. The Propelled Program was a way students could understand the formula of achieving success, take ownership of one’s career, dreams and aspirations and know how to leverage our own physiology, focus and language in attaining desired results.

The program was an immaculate success and it is our hope iSA continues to host a number of workshops throughout the year at high schools and colleges to create a sustainable impact on the youth of today for a brighter future.

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