360 Mentoring Program

360 Mentoring Program

The mission of the 360 Mentoring program is to keep the talent recruited from Xpect Leadership consistently engaged through social entrepreurial projects and case studies over the course of the year and reinforcing the values and traits they need to StandAbove every day!

Over the years the global belief and approach to the economic, political, and social issues in “Third world countries” has been to send foreign aid. This aid is sent in good-will to alleviate harsh and life threatening conditions. However, although good, this cycle has created a mindset and state of dependency in these countries on foreign aid and help in times of disaster or trouble rather than the dependency on the affected country and its people. The 360 Mentoring Program presents an avenue where the students are given the opportunity to work in teams, enhance their leadership skills and hone in on their creativity to create an impact on their community without the reliance on foreign aid. The program teaches the students to be their own independent problem solvers.



  • Problem Solving

    With a world growing with innovation, it is important each student adapt to a culture of problem solving through 360 projects which will involve developing higher Microsoft Suite literacy, and impactful involvement in the community.

  • Leadership

    Continue to educate and emphasize the importance of building strong fundamental values in leadership, creativity and teamwork skills amidst developing the students’ personal brand.

  • Global Connection

    Each student will gain the opportunity of building strong relationships with young professionals and established leaders from across the globe. During the 360 mentoring program, young professionals and leaders will volunteer their time to connect and mentor the students on a path to success.

  • Mentorship

    Students will be guided by mentors all over world and encouraged to think outside the box and develop an entrepreneurial mindset through periodic projects and community service endeavors throughout the year.

  • Reinforcement

    Each student recruited from Xpect Leadership will be kept consistently engaged over the course of the year, reinforcing the values and traits they need to StandAbove.

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