Propelled Program

Propelled Program

The Propelled program teaches high school and college students the tools and techniques needed to discover their value adding skills and present both their personal and professional brands as required to fully highlight the impact their brand brings to the industry they enter.



  • Propelled

    A high energy workshop/seminar teaching college students the mastery of human thinking patterns, brand development, and psychological capacity and process and how they can be used to own one’s career.

  • Leading

    Equips students with the tools and techniques to discover and unlock their own marketable and value adding skills. The Propelled Program allows students to be ahead of the curve amongst their peers in attaining the job of their dreams and living out their purpose in life.

  • Industry

    Gain a competitive advantage amongst your peers and get the job of your dreams upon graduation. Learning should be a passion for acquiring knowledge and passion gives birth to results and impact.

  • Explore

    Exploring avenues of understanding our brand, physiology, focus and language in attaining the results we desire. The human body interacts in a number of ways and the program gives students exposure to way in which patterns become more meaningful in life.

  • Success

    Inspires the foundational belief that every student entering the work force has a dream and has the opportunity to reach their highest level of potential and fulfillment

  • Innovation

    Unlocks the creative and eye opening ideas and dreams you can present to the world to create the impact you want and desire. Innovation presents an aspect of one’s growth in an evolving society and the Propelled program prepares students to face this daily challenge.

  • Pathways

    Encourage students to take ownership of their career and make their career aspirations and dreams come true. Plan strategically for the future. The journey continues with the Propelled program and experiencing your passion.

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