Xpect Leadership Program

Xpect Leadership Program

The Xpect Leadership program is an annual two-day program designed from a variety of high energy activities and workshops to develop the core iSA principles of leadership, creativity, and teamwork in students at each grade level from Junior High School through University. Students that complete the Xpect Leadership program will automatically enter iSA’s 360 Mentoring Program the following year and then into the next year’s Xpect Leadership program.

The Xpect Leadership program is a two-day program designed to introduce students to the ideology and skills iStandAbove believes is important for student specific grade levels. This program is an avenue where promising leaders of tomorrow are rejuvenated and inspired to achieve greatness.



  • Leadership

    The Xpect Leadership Program is designed to teach and groom participants on what it means to be a leader and inspires them to embody the characteristics of our future leaders of tomorrow.

  • What’s Your Story

    Each student is given the opportunity to identify and create their own unique and personal story that will shape their lives forever. Many successful careers begin, continue and end with the stories we live through daily and through Xpect, students are able to recognize their impact in their community at an early age.

  • Preparation

    Xpect Leadership students are equipped with the right resources and mentored by a plethora of established individuals at each stage of their educational careers putting them ahead of their peers

  • Creative Problem Solving

    Problem solving activities are implemented in every stage of the program and designed to equip students with the right tools to create a lasting impact on themselves, the people around them and the community at large.

  • Teamwork

    Learning the importance of working together with groups of individuals with many talents to create the best team with the best solutions. Working in teams expands one’s knowledge base and brings about diversity to the student’s way of thinking. The Xpect Leadership Program is a big advocate for working in teams.

  • Creativity

    We believe creativity is a critical component to solution thinking. Students are encouraged to think outside the box in every activity in the Xpect Leadership Program. We always inspire students to transform imagination into innovation for a better, stronger community.

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