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- August 5, 2013 -

Project Drive-By

by iStandAbove

Project Drive-By (PDB) is a non-profit initiative by feedForever (fF) and LifeStylzGH (LSG) supported by iStandAbove. The aim of this project was to drive-by a less fortunate area in Accra and provide them with a meal as well as fun-filled activities such as a dancing competition, musical chairs, soccer, Q&A amongst others. Children were also be given a chance to win prizes including but not limited to T-Shirts, soccer balls, stationery, and books.

PDB was held on December 31st, 2011 at Mantse Agbona in Jamestown. Over 600 packages of food were distributed amongst the children of the area as well as over 1000 toys and gifts were given out either as prizes or randomly by the organizing parties. PDB was a day of sharing, loving and caring for the youth of Ghana who have experienced struggles all throughout the year and whose Christmas holidays were near non-existent. With support from other non-profits such as Children of the Future and Heel the World as well as special appearances by Ghanaian artists such as J-Town, Sakordie, and Efya, the day was filled with fun, laughter and excitement within a stress-free environment. PDB is a day never to be forgotten by the children of Mantse Agbona; a day to mark the celebration of a new year and promising opportunities to come. *WeAllStandAbove*

feedForever is a non-profit organization that provides food for the hungry and promotes awareness on the plight of the hungry around the world. Our main goal is to contribute towards the provision of resources, which will help eliminate poverty.

LifestylzGH is a promotional website which strives to showcase Ghanaian culture & lifestyle (GH music, videos, showcases, announcements/events, articles, editorials, & etc.). By offering professionals a platform on which to relay their successes and activities, we work towards increasing awareness – particularly among Ghanaian youth – about the numerous opportunities in Ghana.

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