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- August 5, 2013 -

Pymarid of Success Leadership Camp

by iStandAbove

December 30, 2011 marked the start of Project Ghana for the year 2011. iStandAbove, in collaboration with Give Running and WitnessHOPE organized the Pyramid of Success Leadership camp. With 67 students registered and led by their 10 industrious coaches, a chorus of team cheers and songs filled the air competing to be the loudest and most creative marking the start of the program.

The program exposed the students to a varied number of activities centered on creativity, leadership and teamwork; the three pillars of the iStandAbove organization as well as setting one’s goals. The students were guided by identifying their strengths, how those can be utilized in their daily lives and furthermore how pooling together the different strengths of a group’s members can lead to heighten productivity as was demonstrated by the different activities such as building the pyramid of success, and the mini amazing race at the end of the day. To cater to the participants who were also very avid athletes in their respective communities, the camp also focused on other skill sets such as plyometrics, health and nutrition, dynamic stretching, soccer and running drills and injury prevention.

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