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- November 17, 2013 -

Start Smart Interviews Pichon and Peter

by iStandAbove
Start Smart Interviews Pichon and Peter

Recently Start Smart, an organization focused on supporting the growth and development of entrepreneurs around the world, had the opportunity to interview Peter Yobo and Pichon Duplan, the founders of the nonprofit iStandAbove, a 501c3 tax-exempt organization that provides the people of the world with the best tools and techniques to maximize the resources around them by creating a connected environment, a sharing network, a mindset of becoming more. They had a number of great insights and advice to share.

What inspired you to start iStandAbove?

Peter Yobo and Pichon Duplan: “We’ve been pretty competitive since we were young, both with one another and in general. When we moved to the US we realized that there was a lot that we could pick up, combine with our Ghanaian upbringing, and really just leverage to grow and develop. The key to being successful was taking this inner passion and strength, and translating it into an impact and outcome focused initiative. That’s what really pushed us to buckle down, put our heads together, and really figure out a problem that we were committed to solving. That’s how we came up with iStandAbove.”

Read the Rest of the Interview on Start Smart’s Blog »

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