Stories that Keep Us Going

- August 5, 2013 -

Carlos Escario Jr.

by iStandAbove

I’ve always said I’ve had a great life so far, and what makes a great life to me are friendships, connections, relationships, and love. My brother died when I was very young, but love came to rescue me in the shape of my grandfather. He lent me his hand and helped me to stand up again. When my grandfather passed away I again felt incredible loss, but I knew deep down, that this time, I would stand up from it.

He gave me the key to life before he left: give love unconditionally, make someone else’s life better (even if just a tiny bit). And so my mantra was born. I started to give unconditional love, or tried to help everybody in anything possible. That doesn’t sound but at all right? But it was… It was because I was giving love, and started to not care about me. Suddenly my love wasn’t good enough. It didn’t have the same value it usually did. I lost my girlfriend, and gained tons of weight. I even was diagnosed with depression. I lost track of myself. So how did I find me this time?

I came to realize that to be able to give love I have to be the best man I can make of myself in every level possible (mentally and physically), each and every day. So I focused on myself this time to rewrite my mantra: “How can I become a better person to make someone else’s life grow”.

And so I stood up, and I live by this mantra to this day.

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