Peter Yobo

Peter Yobo

Why iStandAbove

iStandAbove because I value the power in connecting with people and sharing my experiences, gifts, and resources, to not only help them become and achieve more, but because it also allows me to become more in the process.

Standing Above is a lifestyle, one that knows no boundaries and in which the goal is to push the limit again and again till the desired outcome is achieved. The magic in Standing Above is the knowledge gained is always passed down to make the journey less tasking for other. Connect with someone new, Share a skill, talent, or technique, to help them Become more.


Accomplishments within iStandAbove:

  • Co-Founder of iStandAbove
  • Propelled & Re-Charged! Program build team
  • Xpect Leadership & 360 Program build team
  • Business Development
  • Brand Management


External Activities/Involvement:

  • Business Management Consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment Speaking & Workshops
  • Pushing the Limit

Connect with Peter: