Randolph Garnes

Randolph Garnes

Why iStandAbove

I became involved in iStandabove because I am a firm believer in the ideals around which iSA is based—that we are all equally entitled to the opportunity for self-improvement and to make the most of our lives. These ideals are the bedrock of this organization, and it’s a pleasure to work with such amazing individuals that continually inspire me to connect more, share more, and become more.

I would not be where I am today without the examples, support, and advice of many helping hands, and I hope to help up others as I myself continue my efforts to StandAbove.


Accomplishments within iStandAbove

I work on the Communications team, helping with anything that involves written communication, such as keeping meeting minutes, helping edit web site content, and writing in our press releases and the iSA newsletters.


External Activities/Involvement

I enjoy distance running, literature, following NBA basketball (Go Pacers!), and exploring the international dining options in my native city of Indianapolis, Indiana. I teach community college English courses and am working on my PhD in English at Purdue University, focusing on Cultural Studies and World Literatures.

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