Why iStandAbove

iStandAbove because I believe I am unique, smart, understanding and a good team player.
Helping people especially children, has always been my passion. It is heart warming to know you have touched a life in your own small way and you push for what is right to prevail.

iStandAbove because I am firm and stand by my words. This goes to say that, I am my own ‘boss’; I make my own decisions and no one can influence my choice or the path I take.

Well… they say “life is too short” so enjoy to the fullest and come Stand Above with me and together we will make a difference, walk on the right path and make the world a better place for everyone especially children…1luv


Accomplishments within iStandAbove

  • Helped work on the Delta Proposal.
  • Visited Mankessim to donate items to a school
  • School Liaison
  • Kids coach during XPECT Leadership Programme 2010 and 2012.
  • Event Coordinator for Ghana EATS 2011


External Activities/Involvement

  • Volunteered at the Autism Awareness Care and Training center (AACT)
  • Pushed for the revision and amendment of Regent University’s student parliament constitution
  • Member of Parliament (MP) for the Regent Ghana Student Parliament. (2012-2014)
  • Life Coach/ Peer educator at PPAG
  • Event Coordinator for Books and Boots Project Launch
  • Reading Coach for Books and Boots Project

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